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Not only are we people's favorite boosting company, we're also one of the longest running ELO Boosters around

Welcome to our elo boosting service where you can find a range of products to suit any dedicated (or not so dedicated) LoL player. We have helped thousands of players rise up through the ranks, recover their League Points and enjoy coaching which enabled them to reach the pinnacle of LoL achievements.

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An LoL boost by professional players will skyrocket your LoL rating and finally get you out of elo hell. We are the real deal! Our diamond players have all it takes to boost your ELO to whatever level you want. With a range of boosting packages, we have ELO boosting to suit players at any division!

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Our LoL coaching option can help you immerse yourself in the gameplay much more than ever before. When you become part of our high ranking LoL coaching team, you will be amazed at what you can learn about the game and how to become an elite player!

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We’ve been boosting ELO for over a year now. We’ve learned all of the secrets to keep your account 100% safe and in good hands. We use top of the line VPNs that will match as close to your IP as possible so that your account will never be put in jeopardy when purchasing our boosts.

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Check out our amazing blog for tips, tricks, and LoL news. Below are the most recent posts:

ELO Made Easy

It’s simple, when people ask why they should pick our company over the rest, the answer is we have hands down some of the best players to ever grace League of Legends. Climb from bronze all the way to diamond in blazing speeds. Not only that, but we’ve been offering League of Legend services for years now, and believe me, experience matters! We make this process as easy as it can get. We encourage you to shop around, we’re confident that you’ll find our friendly staff and great service the best around.

Why Choose Us?
  1. We offer high quality elo boosting for cheap prices.
  2. All of our boosting is done in house. Meaning your order will never be outsourced!
  3. We have some of the top rated players available at our disposal to boost your elo!.

Season 4 is now underway! Orders have been coming in quite a bit, so if you want to make sure to get a quick boost, be sure to get your order in early. Remember, all orders over $100 come with a free one hour coaching session.

Want to learn how to play from the world’s most renown players? No problem! We offer premium coaching services that will instantly make you into a better League player.

How does Elo boosting work?

Here at http://www.lolEloboost.net we offer to boost your League of Legends character to the highest rank possible. We will boost you from Bronze to Diamond in the quickest, safest way possible. Our members are elite players from across multiple servers who have one goal in mind; helping you. With their vast amounts of experience we guarantee you the wins you need to boost your Elo rank and become Diamond elite as quickly as possible. We promise account safety and discretion with all purchases and also ensure that our team members are of the highest caliber. We are one of the highest rated League of Legends Elo service providers and with a Team of elite Diamond Division 1 players, ensure your satisfaction in a time that will make even the best players envious. We want to Boost your League of Legends experience and ensure that you too can become a champion on your server!

What is required?

For most of our services here at http://www.lolEloboost.net we require that your account (the one you would like to see boosted) have a minimal ranking of Bronze League Division 5. Once these requirements are met and purchase is made, we will boost your Elo rank and division to whatever level you desire.

– By Katie Lavoe